Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Introduction: Manolis L Citizens Response Blog

Manolis L on or around January 18, 1985 before she sank on Blow Hard Rock

On March 9 the Manolis L Citizens Response Committee was formed.  One of the action plans that came as a result of our meeting was the creation of a blog to be used to keep the public informed. We reiterate time and again that the core committee--those that met that day and a few others who will in the future--represent the public at large who with near consensus believe that the current solution by DFO to merely use cofferdams into perpetuity as a solution to the Manolis L issue is doomed to failure and wish that the bunker C and diesel within the hull of the sunken ship be removed before further damage is done to the environment, the marine wild life, food supply and economics of Notre Dame Bay.

This will be an addition to the Face book page and the advantage is the ability to copy and paste documents, letters, news items, pdf files etc. so that all my view them at leisure.

Please put your email address in the block at the side to subscribe to updates on the situation as they unfold.

A full summary of the meeting will be placed on this blog and that of subsequent meetings as well.

We appreciate your dedication to this process.

Manolis L Citizens Response Committee

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