Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Update on Committee Business

Oiled Birds that died while Authorities Monitored the situation

Photos by James Gidge, Summerford
We apologize to all for the delay in communications. As volunteers we all have to balance our home, work and volunteer lives. The committee itself has been meeting regularly on a monthly basis and will meet again on June 22 but because most of it was organizing and steering to find our focus we haven't had much to report. with regard to progress but rest assured we have been busy at work.

Co Chair David McConkey has take on the role of letter writer for our campaign and has written many ministers and concerned and involved persons.  We have received response to nearly all of the letters written.

Co Chair Carolyn Parsons has written certain key persons also and is working with some national media sources on further awareness on a larger scale however nothing to report on any outcomes.  Syllables on NTV interviewed Parsons and that should air in June.

All of our work to date has been mostly investigative. And the results of our work will be revealed on June 22.

We are currently scripting a video to be presented at the meeting.

On our agenda The Canadian Coast Guard will update: There was a shoreline assessment team re port and update on plans to address Manolis L Concerns.

Also we expect a provincial update on meeting with Federal Ministers from our MHA Derrick Dalley who is in attendance.

We will end the meeting with a video presentation put together by committee members.  We have constructed this from media reports and other sources so that the public can refer to it for a full and actual sequences of events.

We are open to new members and if you wish to attend the committee meeting it will be June 22/14 at the town hall in Twillingate.

Please email us at manolislcommittee@gmail.com

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